SixForty Studios began in late 2015 with the aim of helping as many people as possible achieve their goals. Our studio is filled with the most important equipment for your training and crucially offers the private and personal platform for you to achieve your goals in a stress free environment. We pride ourselves on the friendly atmosphere and we are dedicated to constantly improve to meet the training needs of our clients.

Knowledge IS Power

There is nothing that pleases us more than when we deliver the results you want. We have a collective belief on finding the right trainer to match your focus and a desire to personalise a training program to get you progressing instantly. We are inspired by athletes and trainers before us who dedicated themselves to knowledge and we aspire to that same purpose. We can guarantee that none of our trainers stand still, and as a result accomplish optimised programs to suit our clients lifestyles and help you make a serious change for good. 

We promise that we will support you every step of the way.