Our Studio Pricing

While all our trainers offer their own packages and incentives, SixForty Studios has a locked price structure:
​1 session a week  = £45.00 per session
2 sessions a week = £42.50 per session
3 sessions a week = £40.00 per session

We always recommend that you give yourself at least a month to find out whether personal training is for you, giving us a chance to start implementing change in your habits, routine and workouts.

We're transformation specialists, but we can't make you the finished product with one session!

3 x Session a week

£480.00 per month

Also known as the life transformation package as it gives our trainers the chance to tailor everything for you, giving you every chance to succeed. Great if you've got a big goal you want to get fast.

  • Advanced nutrition aid, habit analysis and check ups weekly
  • ​Full workout support, both in session and out
  • Measurements to keep you on track
  • Complete workout tracking


2 x Session a week

£340.00 per month

Our most popular package with both clients and trainers, giving you a great jump start to your training.

  • Nutritional advice and habit analysis
  • Workout programming
  • Regular goal setting sessions
  • 1-2-1 personal training and workout advice


1 x Session a week

£180.00 per month

Our standard package offers more than just 1-2-1 personal training. We tailor every workout specifically to your needs.

Nutrition plays a huge part in how you change and we offer the advice to make a real difference.

FREE Consultation:

Offered regardless of package so you can be sure of:

- what we can do for you
​- seeing our private studio in the flesh
- how we can make exercise an important part of you life
- getting intial goals down for the short and long term to help you get focused
- explaining how we are going to get you the results you want and showing you the roadmap