Meet Our Personal Trainers

When it comes to your training, can you afford the time to not be getting it right? Can you honestly say you push yourself sensibly to your limits? Personal training has come a long way from someone shouting at you to do one more.

We feed the knowledge and understanding to help you make better choices right away.
We give you a plan for you to implement away from sessions to keep you on track.
We guide you through hundreds of exercises to keep things fresh and exciting.
(And of course) We give you the kick start and motivation you need when you're struggling.

Our trainers know exactly what it takes to get you the results you didn't think you'd get. Each one dedicated to pushing you to the next level and fully committed to putting the right plan together for your individual needs. Listen to us and you will achieve your goals.
Gareth Stead - Studio Director and Personal Trainer

With several years of experience of getting results for his clients, Gareth is a trainer of huge enthusiasm and passion, believing there is nothing greater than seeing the difference it makes to peoples lives when they reach their goals. Gareth specialises in fat loss, mobility and conditioning.
  1. Paul Williams
    Paul has been training at SixForty Studios for almost a year now, and is a big man with a big heart and the knowledge to match. Excelling at strength and conditioning, you're going to be pushed, but have fun along the way!